Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's anniversary........and the addition of the 'sh'

Ok so today is an anniversary of sorts. Not the type of anniversary where presents are handed out to mark the occasion, cakes presented to give the masses a 15 minute break to sing to you whilst you stand there and try to pick out who isn't actually singing. No today is the unfortunate anniversary of me being unemployed for 3 months. Whilst there are significantly shorter and 'fruitier' ways of describing the GFC (an adverse situation described perfectly in acronym form as it has an F in there) I would have to say that the last 3 months can only be described by myself as um....quite 'trying'. Whilst my own details would prove insignificant at this point as i am sure there are many many other people in my situation right now, the time off has never the less given me considerable opportunity to mull all of life's things over......hence the start of this blog. It's not Dickens.......far from it but it's life through my eyes..........possibly influended by Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld and other great men that have shaped my persona.

The humble book was the basest idea that i had whilst walking to my gf's house (love you boo) and over the course of the next few hours found myself - along with a couple of friends - mulling out the next big idea that i could latch myself onto in order to get back into the game. Some were bang on, some were way off, some required UN funding and one seemed to include participation from ALL of Chinatown. Now one would be somewhat foolish to dispense such ideas over such a global forum but it proved to be a nice timely kick in the backside to realise that things haven't reached crisis point with me just yet. Dinner turned into a very enjoyable collective thinktank.With every idea being preceded with a hearty laugh and me asking 'You've had another idea haven't you?', i would then sit back and listen to the details that would follow. Luke you're a genius son :)

And this in turn brings me to the mighty 'sh'. Should one find themselves in a situation worthy of proclaiming that it is 'sh*t', then simply add 'sh' to the beginning of the word needing to be described. And the best part about it is that no one will know what you're banging on about. Subtle swearing never felt so good. Try it some time.

So there you have it. The start of my blog. And whilst i can't promise to update the teachings of life and its randomness every day nor guarantee that it won't be filled with the experiences of horror taxi drivers, public transport or flatulent train patrons, i will approach this blog as a bookmark in my life and thus update as often as i can.

Chin up everyone.